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welcome you Overhaulin where the owner gets tricked and the car gets tricked out Music Applause Music Music hey I'm Courtney I'm Chris and this is Overhaulin the show that turns your cold old car and do a brand new hot rod and you even know we're doing it on today's Overhaulin a 71 Chevelle has no idea that a team of world-class car builders are racing the clock to make it cool and while the cars being rebuilt we're gonna have a little fun messing around with its owner until we can be shocked in his life it's been gametes car makeover here on Overhaulin right Brian waiting here for our arrival which is a 71 Chevelle yeah we plucked from the distance he's Jeff a 31 year old sound engineer who is in love with his car now we found Jeff by way of this dude this is Tony art insider tony is Jeff's boss and we got Tony to get Jeff and his drag ride over here and where the plan started I wanted guys the setup started at mothers polish Jim Holloway runs mothers and he put the word out that he needed some pretty be cars for a series of ads and an infomercial but this is Overhaulin so of course that's all just an act we just needed a way to get our hands on a car to overhaul of course it's all a scam including our director Joe playing the infomercial director and his gorgeous assistant Val five hidden cameras catch everything as a few fibs fly Joe and Val explained that they're gonna need Jeff's car for this infomercial photoshoot so who has the car and Joe goes out to see if Jeff's car is right for the bogus ad campaign this is the new wax we've got it's kind of the mock-up basically what this product does it revolutionizes the wax industry takes your flatbed paint and makes it wet glossy look at her teeth plain and simple yeah that's when we're gonna have print campaign 30-second spot 60-second spots infomercials which is where your car would come in a Jeff Potter gag hook line and sinker hello if you had that car about three years so you like to fix ups and stuff like then yeah I miss what - done some stuff doing so is that like a second car for you or you had like a pretty much dry it really is pretty fun as Joe returns the hook is about to be swallowed by the fish we were waiting at the right one injustice position to where we're gonna have our really deluxe car and a couple of Chanel's little work yeah yeah exactly right he was more than happy to volunteer his car to us thank you so much yeah appreciate it's gonna be fun yeah Oh all right now we got the car let's get to work to do this right you don't get be great guys no you go right to the top with the 18 Bryan Fuller creates his own cars and bikes annie is one of the key builders over at Foose designs Jim is VP at mothers polish and in the world of car surfaces Jim is a VIP we're here in Allen bundok shop home of all those incredible blood wheels Kevin Burton is on loan from Ford and he's the guy who...